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Recent Developments

July 21st, 2014
             We'd like everyone to welcome Shellfish and MajorMaximus as two new additions to our art team! Shellfish is going to be working on NPC art for us with MajorMaximus doing pet art. Maro's still hard at work on splitting the images for the avatar system. More pet linework has been completed, and we'll be hosting a livecast on July 31st at 12 p.m. central time. The link will be provided both here and on the facebook on that day. We will be announcing our new site name along with information about our relaunch so be sure to watch!

July 16th, 2014
             Our tutorial has begun the process of being upgraded for new users, along with several other new features in the works for incoming new members. Maro is getting closer to finishing the image splitting for hair (the largest group of items) and a majority of the pets have new lineart now. We've chosen and registered new site name which will be announced during the livecast at the end of this month, here, on the facebook, and emailed to any users who posted on the temporary closing announcement. The process of transferring everything from this domain to the new one (and host) will take a while but we'll keep everyone updated as things progress!

July 1st, 2014
             Pinster has almost finished another piece of donation art, and Maro continues to diligently work on splitting the pixels for our amazing new avatar system. :) More information has been added to the database for new achievements and pet abilities, with much more necessary before the system goes live. We will livecast at the end of July about the reopening of the site including our new site name and domain location.

June 20th, 2014
             Maro has been hard at work dividing the hair images still, a task requiring real dedication since there are many many images! I've been working on joining the registration system with the welcome system, and adding a few new features both to the front facing site an the ACP, including topic previewing, a new Who Is Online listing, and background art for the new shop system. An automatic system to display when a topic you've written to has new posts before you've submitted yours is also in the works.

June 13th, 2014
             A teaser has been added for window shopping, although please keep in mind that we are in the middle of splitting every single possible image for our new avatar layering system so there will be some item layering issues. It allows you to click any possible item, including posable items, and filter through multiple pages of items optimally with pagination. On top of that, it has tabbed searching, allowing you to search for multiple keywords of items and then store those results separately from the original tab. The system uses our current avatar display system, which is also why the layering issues appear since the images have not finished being updated yet, meaning that items will display exactly as they will when you purchase them. Topic previewing has been added as well, along with a few other minor things around the site. Maro is hard at work continuing to split the avatar item pixels.

June 9th, 2014
             Our window shopping (dream previewing) feature is very near completion, letting anyone who wants to design their own perfect avatar create an image they can display in their signatures or profile! Maro has also finished dividing up every skin type for our new layering system (there were several hundred images)! Lots of new pet lineart has been created, along with several CSS touchups to pages like the tutorial. Pinster has started some lovely lineart for November 2013's donation items!

June 4th, 2014
             We have a new writer on our team, Hedwig! They have already contributed lots of new awesome phrases for our pet communication system already so make sure to show your appreciation when we reopen! Nameplates are in and so are most of the new achievements into the database! The tutorial page is under reconstruction, and decided to split the site. When you first join, you'll be given a choice of "Earth, Sky or Sea," which will then determine which pets and areas you can explore in our game (to promote trading and interaction among users we're limiting certain pets to certain areas). A new message system is in place as well, to replace our popup/alert system. The soundtrack for our game is well underway was well. :) A mysterious mirror has also appeared, which seems to know the secrets of everyone who visits it! What will it reveal to you...?


Window Shopping (please ignore layering errors)

Original (Returning) Features

A comprehensive list of all features that will definitely be returning when the site reopens, although maybe not exactly as you remember them. I've added teaser videos for anyone who was not originally a member of Eos to see some of the returning features even though the board is disabled.